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The Henker Group's LifeStyle and Business Blogs

Welcome to The Henker Group's LifeStyle Blog and Business Blog! The Henker Group is proudly known as a very innovative group of creatives who see the bigger picture and think outside the box. Essentially, we develop remarkable ideas followed by exquisite execution.


Our LifeStyle Blog aims to give you a "sneak peek" into the respective lives of each Henkette (aka our awesome female-identifying staff) and Henk (aka our incredible male-identifying staff). It focuses on other aspects of the Henkette's and Henk's individual lives to give a glimpse into what helps drive our separate and collective creativity.

The Business Blog, aka "Be in the Know," gives you the latest marketing trends and techniques as well as general business updates. Within each blog post you can find a great deal of information in areas of expertise such as branding, advertising, reputation management, content marketing, business development, cohesiveness, etc.

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