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Wall Décor

Trash to Treasure with Addison Willey

If you don't already know, DIY stands for "Do It Yourself." One of my favorite DIY projects is creating a fun, colorful canvas with an inspirational or silly quote to add some color to a plain, white wall. Wall décor such as this adds personality to the room. Personally, I love reading quotes, probably more so than an actual book. I also love DIY projects because they are very "hands-on" and allow me to use my imagination and originality to create something. When I saw this in the store I immediately thought, "This would be a great décor piece for my work space!" Below is my final product.

Addison's Final Product

What you'll need:

- Scissors

- Hot glue gun

- Sharpie

- Pencil

- Ruler

- Black Acrylic Paint

- Acrylic Paint of your choice for the frame

- Paint Brush

- Picture Frame (8 inches x 12 inches)

- Burlap

- Small Canvas

What I used:

Small Frame

Whenever I make a craft, I like to use old objects that are available to me rather than spending a lot of money on new supplies. When you start your project, look for things that are not being used and can basically be trashed. I found this cardboard frame and decided to use it for this project because no one needed it anymore and it was the perfect size!

Picture frames will probably be most ideal because they are easier to hang. If you don't have an old one, any dollar store would carry a picture frame that will be great for this project!

Small Canvas

This small canvas is roughly 3 inches x 3 inches. I bought this at Walmart, but it can be found at any craft store.


Since I enjoy crafting, I already had extra burlap. The recommended size of burlap would be length of 2 yards and width of 18 inches, which you can find at any craft store for around $12.

Tropic Orange acrylic paint

The paint color I used for the frame is called Tropic Orange. This is an Apple Barrel acrylic paint that can be found at Walmart or any craft store.

Step 1

To begin, I would recommend painting the entire frame in whatever color you chose. It will need time to dry before you add anything to it. You may need to add several coats depending on the color you chose and the base color of the frame.

Tip: Pick any color of paint you want, but be mindful of the base color of the frame. If the frame is darker than the color you chose, it may not look like the paint in the bottle.

Step 2

Once you have painted the frame and are waiting for it to dry, you can put a quote on the canvas. Since the canvas is small, it would look best if the quote is short. If you want a longer quote, you can buy a slightly larger canvas for your project. To avoid making any mistakes, use a pencil to write the quote on the canvas before you paint over it.

After you have outlined the letters, use a small paintbrush with black paint to trace over the pencil.

Tip: Try using a font for the quote that is pretty and fun, as well as different from your handwriting. Find a picture of a quote online and use that as your inspiration when outlining on the canvas with a pencil.

Step 3

Once the painted frame has had time to dry, you will need to measure and cut the burlap. If you know the size of the frame, then measure and cut the burlap based on the size so it will fit perfectly. For example, if the frame is 8 inches x 12 inches, measure 8 inches x 12 inches and cut the burlap so it will fit within the frame.

After the frame is outlined on the burlap, go ahead and cut it.

Step 4

After cutting the burlap, now it's time to start gluing. Make sure your hot glue gun is plugged in and ready to use. Turn the frame over, as if you were about to put a picture in. Taking the hot glue gun, put glue around the edges of the inside of the frame. After applying the glue, quickly take the burlap and put it in the frame, like you would a picture. Press and hold the burlap down, so the glue is sure to stick.

Step 5

Now that the burlap is in the frame, flip it over so you can put the canvas on. You can use your ruler to measure the middle of the frame so that the canvas is exactly centered. Once you've given the small canvas time to dry, flip it over and use the glue gun to outline the back edges with glue. Quickly after applying the glue, put the canvas directly onto the burlap. Press and hold, so that the canvas will dry in place.

Step 6

After the glue is dry, unplug the hot glue gun. Pat yourself on the back because you just made a very cute decoration. Depending on what type of frame you used, you could hang it on the wall with nails, thumbtacks, or Command™ Strips. You could even just prop it up against something. This would be a great addition to add some character to a boring wall or a bookcase.

Tip: Put this somewhere where it will be seen. When you have guests over, you can show it off!


Inspiration for wall decor


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