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A Day Off In The Life Of... The Perfect Ending


The journey back to our parents' condo is filled with laughter. My sister and I always have the best inside jokes. We step inside, and it is freezing as the AC is on full blast. I claim the bathroom first and begin my get-ready routine for the second time today.

When we are once again dressed and beautiful, we decide on a seafood restaurant located on the bay. Despite the many traffic lights, it is a quick drive to our destination (it is my perfect day off after all, isn’t it?). We are escorted to a table outside right by the water. The atmosphere is calming; a slight bay breeze kisses our faces as we sip our lemon waters.

After a delicious dinner, we both agree to visit our favorite spot for dessert. As our dad always says, there's always room for ice cream. We hop back in the car and drive back to the condo. We park and decide to walk to our favorite spot, King Kone. A few streets later, we stroll up to the outside ordering window. I get the mint chocolate chip ice cream sundae, and she orders a concoction of cookie dough and brownie flavors. Cups in hand, we sit on the parking curb and enjoy every bite.

The sun has finally sunk beneath the bay's horizon, and the darkness begins to consume the sky. It has truly been the perfect day off. As I look up at the brightening stars, I remember the promise I made to myself this morning. I am stopped. I am looking up. And I am taking it all in. And it's beautiful. And for the first time in a long time, I am thankful just to be alive.

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