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Advertising is only one element of a comprehensive marketing strategy; however, it warrants ample attention. The Henker Group has put together award-wining advertising campaigns and we can put one together that will get you noticed.


We generally begin with creating an Advertisement Plan. This is where we research and suggest those advertising options available that would be a best-match for your business or organization. We provide quality data in our Plans to allow you to make the best decision for where your advertising dollars should be allocated. Once you approve your Advertisement Plan, we then take over the time-consuming administrative function to negotiate ad rates, secure space, and finalize contracts.


While the Advertisement Plan is in development, we then embark on concepting the idea for your print, mobile, transit, outdoor, and online ads; plan and execute professional photo shoots for the imagery; develop eye-catching and hard-hitting copy for your ads; and then design the ads. We work with you and your team to finalize the ads and the messaging based on your revenue goals or awareness-related needs.


Based on the final ad campaign, we would be available to develop 15, 30, or 60 second radio commercial scripts that coincide with your print (and online) campaign. Our internal voiceover specialist would be available to record each of the commercials and forward the final MP3 files to the contracted radio stations.


We also are able to translate the print and online ads as well as your radio commercials into TV commercials to provide a strong campaign on all levels.

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