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Drift Wood

Trash to Treasure with Addison Willey

One of my favorite parts about “Do It Yourself” projects is being able to use my creativity to revamp and give life back to an object that may no longer serve any useful purpose. After the brutal winter storm, referred to as Jonas, made its way through Ocean City, Maryland in late January of 2016, you can imagine there was a decent amount of debris on the beach. I visited to see what had happened in the area. I found a piece of wood that may have been part of a fence, lying on the beach. My immediate thought was to take it and make a craft with it, so I did. It is interesting to look at things from a different perspective. Some people would have seen debris, but I saw the potential for it to become something beautiful. This “thinking outside of the box” mentality is what drives me in my work and life. Below is my final product.

Take me to the beach

What You Will Need:

- Driftwood/Any type of wood plank

- Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating Aerosol Spray (or something similar, either can be purchased at most any craft store)

- Acrylic Paint

- Paint Brush (A thin brush will work best)

- Wood preserver, depending on what type of wood you use (Copper-Green Brown Wood Preservative may be a good option. This will ensure your wood does not deter, thin, or rot. You can find this at your local hardware store.)

What I Used:

- Drift wood found on the beach in Ocean City, Maryland

Drift Wood

- “Light Blue” Acrylic Paint

- Paint Brush with soft bristles

paint and brush

Step 1

Depending on the type of wood you are using, if you choose to preserve it, start by applying the wood preserver product to the wood. Follow the bottle’s instructions in regards to dry time and number of coats to apply. If you are not choosing to preserve it, continue on to step two.

Step 2

Think of the design or quote you would like to put on the drift wood. I chose a classic beach quote. “Take me to the beach.” Once you know what you would like to put on your piece of wood, use the paint and paintbrush to paint directly onto the wood.

Tip: I would recommend finding a picture of a quote in the font that you like, so it is easier for you to follow as a guideline. I also suggest using a small quote since space is limited.

Step 3

Once you have finished painting, let the paint dry.

Tip: Before using a sealer, consider writing where your driftwood is from or what the wood originally was on the back of the wood to create a memento of some sorts. For example, I would write Ocean City, Maryland after Storm Jonas on the back of my project.

Step 4

After the paint has dried, this is the time you should seal your project. Again, follow the instructions on the particular sealer you chose to use.

take me to the beach drying

Step 5

Let your project dry. Step back and admire what you created! Display it somewhere your guests and you will be able to see and enjoy it.

Tip: Consider hot gluing twine, string, or small rope onto the back so you can hang it on a door or the wall.


I used this piece of artwork for inspiration. It's helpful to have something to spark your creativity. Try to add your own touch to your project so it is unique!

Inspiration sign


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