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Trust Us, You're Not a Professional Photographer


Step away from the iPhone. Close out the photo-editing app, and let us handle this one.

People are naturally extremely visual, and the human eye responds to the quality of photographs more than one would think. And while you might be good behind the lens, a professional photographer has advanced shooting and editing equipment, will think of angles you might not, and can produce exactly what you envision. Sometimes—especially in regard to business—it is best to let a professional photographer step in.

Whether you have a big event you want photographed, need photos for an advertisement or are due for a new professional headshot, a talented professional photographer will give you the best results and will portray you and your business in the best possible light.

We asked our strategic partner and talented photographer, Tom McCall, for a few tips on preparing for a professional headshot or preparing your models for a photo shoot. McCall is an award-winning photographer who has a master’s degree in Visual Communication from Ohio University.

  • For men: Shave right before your photo shoot. Five o’clock shadow is very apparent in photos.

  • Get your beauty sleep! Tiredness takes away form the dynamic edge you want to convey.

  • As far as wardrobe goes, keep it clean and simple. A crisp white shirt speaks volumes. Stay away from stripes, patterns and shirts with text (unless you are a 25-year-old internet billionaire!)

  • Small accents count. A cool watch, bracelet or earrings can add that extra pop. What vibe are you trying to evoke? Earthy, organized, friendly or sporty—each ethos has the perfect accessory.

  • If you can afford it, splurge on hair and makeup. The pros would never be caught in front of the lens without a little extra oomph.

As a marketing firm, we always recommend that our clients in need of photos hire a professional photographer. A professional photograph is truly priceless, and amateur photographs just do not deliver the same results as clean, edited professional ones.

Instead of letting the highly visual nature of the human mind intimidate you, take advantage of it! Let your business shine with the skill of a pro behind the lens.

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