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Making Your E-newsletter Effective


Have you ever opened an e-newsletter, looked at the graphics and not read any of the text, and closed it a few seconds later? You’re not alone. The average time a person spends on an e-newsletter is less than a minute, and the typical open rate is only about 25 percent.

While you cannot control how many people will open your e-newsletter, you can control how attractive it is to readers once they open it. The more attractive something is the more likely an individual will read it. Heed the following tips on maximizing the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign.

It’s all about the layout. People are naturally visual, so keep everything streamlined and consistent. A jumbled, cluttered layout will send readers directly to the “archive” button on their iPhones.

Consider linear patterns. The eye tends to start at the top left corner of the page and move in a zigzag pattern, picking up images and fragments of words. Keeping linear patterns and colors unified will make your newsletter more attractive and cohesive.

Grab your readers’ attention. A big photo or exciting headline on the first page of your newsletter will draw readers in and give them a reason to spend more time on your newsletter. Also, be sure to lead with a snappy subject line, as 64% of people say they open an email because of the subject line (Chadwick Martin Bailey).

Include diversions. Videos, photo galleries and interactive elements such as polls keep readers engaged and will encourage them to spend more time on your email.

Direct traffic back to your website. The purpose of email marketing is to generate buzz about your business, so make sure to lead people to your website. Also, consider including social media links.

Email marketing can be highly effective when design and layout components are considered. With a unified theme, snappy headlines, attractive photos and intriguing content, readers will be much more likely not only to open your email, but to actually read it!

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