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A Fantasy Day Off in the Life of a Full-Time College Student Who Works Two Job

A Day Off in the Life of Madison Mullikin

As a full-time college student who works two jobs, a day off is a rare occasion. In fact, days off aren't really days off at all. They become "catch up on three weeks of laundry" days and "clean the entire house" days. Occasionally they turn out to be "Netflix binge because I'm so tired from work" days. But let's pretend for a moment that I have the entire day off...from everything. All the laundry is done, no research papers loom in the future, and no voice mails on my phone asking me to cover someone's shift. I am caught up on everything and the world is my playground. Let me tell you about what that day would be like...

The sun is shining just over the horizon. It's going to be a hot summer day in July. The humidity is low, however (I would like to have a perfect hair day on my day off. Maybe that's asking too much...) I wake up early. Not to the sound of a harsh alarm, but to the soft sound of birds singing outside my window. With sunlight gently beaming across my face, I open my eyes to this beautiful gift of a day. It's around 6am, maybe too early for some, but I'm ready to fill this day with as much time off as possible.

I roll out of bed and make my way to the bathroom, which is clean. Spotless. Everything has a place and is in its place (otherwise I wouldn't be taking the day off right?). I begin my morning routine as usual. But this morning it feels different. No rush, no pressure to be somewhere on time. I can create my eyeliner wings knowing that if I mess up, I can simply redo them instead of spending the entire day with a crooked wing (an angel fallen from grace). I carefully select my outfit from my perfectly merchandised closet. Magically, the first outfit I choose fits perfect, looks perfect, and there's absolutely no need to change (I know what you're thinking, but it's a fantasy after all). Of course, I have a beautiful pair of shoes that not only match, but fit comfortably and look flawless. I make my way downstairs to grab my first cup of coffee for the day. Work or not, a fresh cup of hot black Folger's is always a necessity. I skip breakfast because I'm not the breakfast-y type, and without the constraints of a classroom or time clock, I can eat whenever I feel hunger arrive. Once I've poured coffee into my favorite mug, I find my way to the front porch swing.

It's not too hot yet; the sun is crawling up the sky. In this perfect day, the porch and swing have been power-washed and scrubbed, so no fear of getting dirt on my perfectly selected outfit. I also manage to avoid spilling coffee on it as well (an almost daily occurrence). I sit in silence, enjoying the act of satisfying my caffeine addiction. For the first time in a long time, I smell the summer air. I know it’s been summer for a month, but I hadn't noticed the smell. There's a slight breeze. I look around at the dark green grass and bright blue sky. The colors are all so vivid. In this moment, I make a promise to myself. I promise that in the future, every now and then, I will stop, look up, and take it all in.

Veins pumping with caffeine, I place my mug in the empty dishwasher and head for the door. My car is shiny and pollen-free. The inside is clean as well (don't laugh!). There's a full tank of gas, and I'm ready to hit the open road. I love driving with the windows down and sunroof open. Today, it won't mess up my hair, and no bugs will fly into my contacts. Today is perfect.

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