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Public relations (or commonly referred to as PR) is a field that many people have a skewed conception of. It’s the Pluto of the solar system— we know it’s there, but we’re not really sure what to make of it or what it’s doing out there. Most people believe that public relations requires minimal work and is as simple as sticking a few signs in the front yard and calling it a day. But the truth is, public relations is the backbone of all of your favorite brands and companies. The majority of things that the public sees from said brands and companies are a result of their public relations campaigns.

The power of public relations is way underrated. Let’s talk more about what public relations is and the reward it reaps.

1. Shifts attitudes Using PR, you have the ability to shift the public’s attitude about a certain product, brand, idea, etc. Using certain press initiatives like rewording the tagline or launching a series of TV interviews showcasing the CEO of your company could speak to the public about the relationship you want to have with them. Changing someone’s perspective of your brand might be vital if there is a misconception about what your central message is.

2. Raises awareness Public relations can simply bring awareness to a cause or company. Getting your name out there is the first step to gaining a target audience. So you might start with a social media campaign or perhaps a press release announcing who you are and what you’re about. Those first steps are crucial—the public will remember this first impression. The methods you use to bring awareness are going to set the foundation.

3. Motivates action By raising awareness and changing perspectives through public relations, you can also motivate the public to do something and provide a call-to-action. Think about any time you’ve gotten a coupon from your favorite restaurant for a free meal or received a discounted priced item at your favorite store because you filled out a survey. What might be a surprise is that those types of things are PR initiatives and can persuade the public to act on something and engage in the business. Another way public relations can motivate action is by inspiring the public to support a stance or cause that your company stands for through successfully raising awareness and shifting attitudes to match your business’ mission.

There are several tactics and strategies in the public relations world that many people overlook. However, all of those initiatives take hard work, dedication, and creativity to produce. PR provides a vast scope of options for any brand, business, or organization and can generate priceless results.

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