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Spring Clean Your Brand


Spring is the time when all things are new again. Many of us go through the routine of spring cleaning our homes or offices. We sort through old items, pack up and store winter clothes and make a pile of items to donate. After a long winter, but before the hustle and bustle of summer, why not do some spring cleaning on your business and your brand?

When was the last time you posted a blog? Have you shared an article or commented on someone else’s post on a social media outlet like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter recently? Maybe now is the time to expand your social media presence. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram have become hugely popular over the last year and their visual nature makes them very different, and sometimes more impactful, than LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Consider if they are appropriate for you or your business.

Don’t wait until you need your resume for something immediate to bring it up to date. Think about what accomplishments you’ve had recently and add them to it. Have you changed jobs or received a promotion? Add your new job title and description as well. If nothing has changed, give it a good proof read to see if there are overlooked mistakes. Along with your resume review, consider if your skills are up to date. If you haven’t participated in training, continuing education, industry association events, seminars or conferences lately, decide what you can do to freshen up your skills and make sure you are aware of the latest news and trends in your industry. For small business owners and entrepreneurs, you are your brand. Make sure you are presenting the best you to the marketplace.

Do you have a five year plan? Did you make any goals for yourself for 2018? If so, how are you doing? If you are on track, that’s great. If you are not, what are you going to do to reach those goals – or do you need to change your goals? If you are not in the practice of setting yearly, quarterly or monthly goals why not start by considering if the change in seasons affects your business.

If you are a business owner, take a look at your website and promotional materials. When did you design them? Do you still love them? Are they still relevant, considering what your focus is and who you are trying to reach right now? A redesign or update of your website, in and of itself, can be a reason to reach out to old and new customers. Putting together a new brochure will give you a reason to visit other local businesses and promote yours.

So pull up the blinds, and start blowing off all of the dust. Stop putting it off! There is no time like the present to “spring clean” your business and your brand.

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