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The Wonders of India

The Traveler's Plate

Gold and white colors were displayed lustrously on the patterned walls. Crystal lights swung from the ceiling, shimmering in the sun. It was as if each detail was arranged to perfection in harmonious décor. Filled with rich culture, the room’s majestic allure was overwhelming as I entered through the doors. I was mesmerized by the sight of the palace’s architecture that showed a diverse history of Indian artistry.

Of course, this was only an idea in my head, of what I imagined a utopian palace to be like. I have never had the pleasure of traveling to India to experience that country’s culture myself. Conceptualizing the experience would probably not justify its immaculate beauty. Among the world’s oldest civilizations, it is authentically diverse and uniquely defined by several aspects of other cultures. It’s these aspects of their culture that influence the Indian cuisine.

Spices like sweet curries, turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon are some of the common seasonings used in their dishes. The aroma of these spices accompanied with wheat flatbread and basmati rice makes me crave the idea of visiting India.

It is not hard to fathom the image of an Indian palace when I’m indulging in such delicious food.

The Wonders of India

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